Chatbots and Bot Platform to Beat Cyber Criminals


Chatbots are computer programs that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence. They can completely change the way you interact with the internet, starting from a series of self-initiated tasks to a quasi-conversation. From using robots to greet customers, to providing voice banking or selfie-pay, to deploying robo-advisors, there is immense scope for AI to drive customer loyalty for banks.

Cyber criminals are increasing by the day and so is the number of cybercrimes. A recent report by McAfee reveals that cybercrime costs the global economy more than $400 billion a year. This not only leads to monetary damages but also makes customers lose trust.

Financial services companies have now declared war on hackers with support from the ‘Third’ kind. Leading banks are investing millions of dollars in AI integration to offer security against fraud and theft to build a sustained and honest relationship with their customers. Several big banks already depend on AI to prioritise and prevent cyber-attacks. Thought leaders in the industry are now investing heavily in AI research for developing advanced solutions to tackle several issues, including cybercrimes.

Fraud prevention is a critical for any bank and when fraud happens, both banks and consumers lose. Chatbots play a huge role in automating fraud prevention processes, thus helping banks and customers.

Card Blocking made easy

In the case of fraudulent transactions or losing your credit/debit card you have to make lengthy calls to your respective bank to get the card blocked. Kore Banking BOT on the other hand enables you to block your card through a single message. You can even get your new card sent out to you in a jiffy. It is banking simplified!

Intelligent Bot Alerts 

The Smart Banking BOT can alert you of any suspected fraudulent transactions. A message alert will ask you to verify if the transaction was made by you. It’s all about being fraud alert, and Kore offers you just that.


The Kore Advantage: Bots as the Future of Work and Play

Kore’s BOT Platform gives employees, teams, and customers the power to interact with intelligent ready-to-use and custom BOTs on nearly any system, app, or device.  Kore meets the most stringent security and compliance requirements. It provides all the tools and building blocks developers need to create intelligent bots quickly. And it makes work simple for your employees and brings your brand to life.


With Kore’s BOT Platform, you can:

  • INCREASE organisational efficiency and worker productivity by giving your employees their

very own virtual assistants that can deliver personalised and relevant updates, complete

tasks, and generate system reports for them.


  • EXPAND the reach of your brand by engaging with your customers in a consistent and

intuitive manner across all touch points – from email to text to mobile apps to your website.


  • SIMPLIFY the processes of interacting with complex enterprise systems with state-of-the-

art Natural Language Processing for Speech and text.


  • REDUCE spending on custom apps by giving your developers the tools, framework, and

execution model they need to build, host easily and deploy intelligent and versatile custom



  • MAXIMIZE security with cutting-edge encryption and enterprise-grade compliance and

administration for all Kore BOT message.


  • COMPARE and COMPETE with other BOT building platforms. Most competitors do not provide enterprise and platform-level features such as messaging middleware, easy integration with enterprise systems, BOT connectors, administration, compliance and more.


Suresh Kumar

CEO at Avenir IT
Suresh Kumar is the CEO of Avenir IT. Under his leadership, the organization has achieved impressive targets and revenues over the past decade. His industry experience of over 15 years in software Sales and Marketing has taken the Avenir brand to nearly a decade of success.

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