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Engaging with millennials gets challenging with every passing day. Despite brands setting aside millions of pounds to capture the attention of the young through apps, advertisements and other methods, they are still finding it demanding to talk to them through channels that they engage in. Most brands aren’t winning over the millennials. In fact, they continue to remain the least-engaged generation of consumers. If brands don’t gear up and enter the arena now, they will be missing out on a tremendous opportunity, millennials are estimated to have over £200 billion in collective buying power — and are predicted to have more than any other generation by the year 2017.

So how is it that millennials communicate? ‘Messaging’ is the answer, they spend more time texting and the ever growing social network only drives this further.

Millennials demand digital convenience

Millennials like their interaction with brands, banks and their own work places to be seamless and an almost invisible part of their daily life. Recent studies by Gallup reveal that only 23% of millennials are actively engaged with their bank, making millennials the least engaged generation. It was found that millennials communicate differently than previous generations. They prefer texting over talking and emojis over words. Digital innovation has again proved that Gen Z is used to a hyper-competitive marketplace – this simply means that organisations need to be ready to join the fight. KORE BOT building platform makes this possible!

Real-Time Interaction @ Millennial Workplace

Millennials demand fast, responsive, on-demand services and information that the world of internet brings to them. Ranging from 18-year- olds to adults in their mid-30s, they demand experiences that are personalized, tailored, and context-sensitive. At the work place they expect real-time feedback, real-time guidance, and text based interaction.

Millennials consider instant messaging to be convenient and versatile. Employers can now create a workplace environment where younger people can thrive and this is possible with chatbots. Millennials are not unfamiliar with computer programs designed to act human. The intelligent bot allows users to interact with a virtual assistant using natural conversational language, in order to accomplish increasingly complex tasks.


Bots are a lot less expensive to develop, maintain and deploy. These intelligent assistants seamlessly integrate with messaging platforms and developers can easily push content directly to users without banking on them to physically check their app.

If brands want to communicate with millennials, they need to be right there with them. Because bots are present within popular messaging channels like facebook, skype, email; users can easily interact without having to download multiple apps. What makes chatbot conversions interesting is that it can mimic human interaction in a natural way, thus engaging the user.

Exciting times ahead!

Chatbots hold a great deal of potential and the future seems promising. As AI and machine learning advance, bots are sure to become so commonplace that it will be hard to work without them. Brands that embrace this trend and use chatbots to drive conversational commerce with their customers are predicted to enjoy a significant competitive advantage in the coming years. We won’t be surprised if bots will even drive more revenue than e-commerce!


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Avenir Business Solutions, Headquarted in the UK is a Technology company serving Enterprises globally and  is an exclusive KORE Messaging & BOTs solution partner in the UK. We excel in customising Bots.



Ansy Austin

Ansy Austin

Marketing Manager at Avenir Business Solutions
As a keen Digital Marketer, Ansy plays a key role in strategising and implementing marketing activities for Avenir Business Solutions, an IT company headquartered in the UK with a global presence in India and Middle East. Avenir excels in building and customising intelligent NLP enabled bots. With her deep understanding of business trends and the need for marrying technological advancements with business processses, Ansy enables enterpises to use bots to their competitive advantage as we head on to a fully automated age. She has completed her MBA from University of Bath and also comes with a background of rich experience working for 7 years with an international news media company.

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