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Avenir Business Solution, implementation partner of KORE in the UK, held a captivating seminar on enterprise communication and data security on 28 July at the CEME Conference Centre, Rainham






       “Have you ever sent an email and wished you could delete it?” asked Matthew McLarty, Innovation Director, Oxford Innovation to the attendees of Avenir Business Solution’s seminar on ‘The Next Big Thing in Corporate Communication’ last Thursday, 28 July.  All hands went up in the conference room with everyone recalling one embarrassing or regretful moment when they hit the ‘send’ button and wished they could recall it. Matthew then went on to talk about how email is not really the most collaborative tool and how we spend over 28% of our day reading or responding to emails. He also threw light on how emails have been directly affecting productivity among employees.

CEO, MDs and Managers from businesses in and around Essex had gathered on 28 July for a Seminar and Networking event hosted by Avenir Business Solution at the CEME Conference Centre, Rainham. The event started with Matthew McLarty giving the audience a wake-up call with his captivating speech on the ‘death of emails’. He urged the business leaders to gear up for the next generation communication platform as he spoke about how emails are slowly paving the way for instant messaging at work.

Following some stimulating videos on enterprise communication platform, the attendees eagerly listened as Nishanth Mullangi from Avenir Business Solutions introduced them to ‘KORE’ an Enterprise Messaging Platform. Avenir BS is a pioneering implementation partner of KORE in the UK. A live demonstration with everyday workplace case scenarios on how KORE can revolutionise the way companies communicate was showcased. “KORE uses intelligent bots to enable companies to collaborate better and improve employee productivity,” informed Nishanth as he took the audience through an intriguing journey of how KORE improves workflows through its unique functionalities. The ability to have complete control over messages and being able to set restrictions like ‘no forwarding’, ‘no downloading’, ‘no screenshots’ caught the attention of the audience. Ademola Akinyemi, Director, JAK Innovations, questioned about the ‘recall’ option based on a scenario where he accidently sent the wrong data. “Can we recall messages that have been sent to people’s emails?” asked Ademola. The answer was positive!

Paul Wells, CEO of Nico Consulting was curious about the difference between enterprise communication platform as against Skype and Office 365. “With KORE you are working on a single interface. KORE uses intelligent bots and secure messaging to help organisations become more agile, collaborative and ultimately more productive. It is a secure, central communication hub for your entire organisation where you can communicate directly to individuals or groups, share files, collaborate with teams and even talk to apps,” informed Suresh Kumar, CEO of Avenir Business Solution (Implementation Partner of Kore in the UK).

The discussions did not end there! After an interesting session of food for thought, it was time for some nibbles and drinks where they continued to discuss how millennials are more productive in a workplace technology ecosystem that includes instant messaging and social media. It was observed that these social tools allow this generation to almost instantly connect, engage and collaborate with their managers and cohorts in a natural way, leading to improved productivity across the organisation.

Paul Wells thought the event was quite interesting, he quipped, “I can definitely see the benefit of an enterprise messaging platform like KORE for a large organisation.” Ademola also added, “The event was quite insightful. Kore definitely appears to be a simplified way of communication and managing. The bonus is the security and added functionalities.”

Avenir offered all attendees a four week trial of the Enterprise version of Kore so that they can reap the benefits of this enterprise communication platform.


Interested in trying KORE? You can request for a demo of KORE here




Ansy Austin

Ansy Austin

Marketing Manager at Avenir Business Solutions
As a keen Digital Marketer, Ansy plays a key role in strategising and implementing marketing activities for Avenir Business Solutions, an IT company headquartered in the UK with a global presence in India and Middle East. Avenir excels in building and customising intelligent NLP enabled bots. With her deep understanding of business trends and the need for marrying technological advancements with business processses, Ansy enables enterpises to use bots to their competitive advantage as we head on to a fully automated age. She has completed her MBA from University of Bath and also comes with a background of rich experience working for 7 years with an international news media company.

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