Is Kore winning over Slack?

New Entrant Kore has taken the market by storm, paving the way for new features in enterprise mobile platform. It is finding favour with top companies across the globe. Is it on the way to outdo Slack? What makes it better than Slack? We find out…


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While Slack has quickly taken on the market there are a few new entries that are vying for the top spot with enhanced security and added features. Kore is one such new enterprise grade messaging app that is up for some competition. If Kore has its way then it is going to invade the market with its rich features.


Powerful bots for Seamless Workflow

Organising and prioritising workplace communication is a clear stand out feature from Kore. This company has been working on bots that enables two-way communication between humans, machines and the applications itself. Having successfully created more than hundreds of bots including salesforce, Zendesk customer support application and others, they have significantly improved workflows.

Kore’s bots allows users to both receive inbound alerts from business systems and send information back to those systems. Users can communicate with bots to complete tasks in the same way they message colleagues, making it easy to interact with complex enterprise systems.

On the other hand, Slack bots are not equipped to execute actions in external systems, forcing the users to go to multiple destinations to finish a task, leading to complicated workflow and waste of valuable time. Slack does offer limited slash commands for interacting with bots and executing actions, but these are not intuitive or easy to use.


Streamline Workflows

Kore allows teams as well as individuals to interact with external applications through the bots. The downside for Slack is that it is only available for team use in public and private channels, so if you are an individual Slack user you will have to leave the app to engage with any external system. Kore has a competitive edge here as it allows users to streamline their workflow with less effort and more accurately.


Protect your organization with Enterprise-grade Security

Kore is a clear winner here as it not only provides advanced encryption but also password policy management, customisable data retention policies, and lots more. It’s enterprise grade compliance and administration at the team as well as organisational level is clearly aimed at preventing costly regulatory violations. Slack on the other hand was designed keeping in mind small teams, this means that administrators rely on team leaders to manage users and have to additionally maintain lengthy data logs which run the risk of being misplaced or deleted.


Control over Message Lifecycle

Slack provides little or no control over sent and received data. When you have a team or an organisation to run, what you really is need is complete control and visibility. This is where Kore fits in; it gives complete control to the user, allowing him to manage the entire message lifecycle. Reducing business risk just got easier as a Kore user can schedule when messages should be delivered, recall messages and more. Enforcing policies, recalling messages that violate company policy, safeguarding company data has all become easier.


Avenir IT is the sole implementation partner for Kore in the UK. To know more about Kore visit and to request a personalised demo, register here  or call us at +44 (0) 208595007


Ansy Austin

Ansy Austin

Marketing Manager at Avenir Business Solutions
As a keen Digital Marketer, Ansy plays a key role in strategising and implementing marketing activities for Avenir Business Solutions, an IT company headquartered in the UK with a global presence in India and Middle East. Avenir excels in building and customising intelligent NLP enabled bots. With her deep understanding of business trends and the need for marrying technological advancements with business processses, Ansy enables enterpises to use bots to their competitive advantage as we head on to a fully automated age. She has completed her MBA from University of Bath and also comes with a background of rich experience working for 7 years with an international news media company.

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