Top Ways to Prevent Enterprise Data Leak

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Understanding the need for data protection, and actively working to secure your enterprise against those threats, requires a reliable technology and updated policy. It is time to gear up and take necessary precautions or the results can be catastrophic.



While we continue to embrace digital technology to enhance our everyday activities, especially at the workplace, there is an increasing concern of how confidential information is being shared. Enterprise data breach is not just a threat for large organisations, but for all, irrespective of the size of the company. Safeguarding confidential information has now become a business priority.


What Should Enterprises Do?


  • Be Aware, Educate Your Employees

Awareness is essential to any form of security planning, so HR departments should start by educating employees on how to share data securely within and outside the organisation.


  • Promote A Secure Culture

Bring about considerable change not only in the data security tools and policies, but also in the security culture within the entire company. It is the need of the day to implement a data-centric security approach to deliver substantial business benefits and largely reduce risk of a data leak.


  • Data Privacy

Employees use the same devices they carry out all their personal interactions on for work purposes as well, resulting in threat to corporate data. Enterprise mobile solutions such as Kore should be put in place to segregate business apps and confidential data from other activities. Kore allows organisations to monitor, view and control the confidential content shared within an organisation, whilst maintaining privacy for each user.


  • Device Loss Or Theft

Human error and theft are unavoidable but it is imperative to take the right precautions to limit the damage. Organisations should be vigilant of the loss of mobile phones that contain confidential corporate data. It is best to adopt a remote management tool which enables locking or wiping the device.


  •  Adopt A Secure And Encrypt Enterprise Mobile Platform

It is important to select the right enterprise mobile technology for your enterprise. Kore, an enterprise messaging platform and a product of Kony has helped businesses simplify workflows securely. This platform protects organization’s information and resources with enterprise-grade compliance and administrative features at both the organizational and team level, helping to prevent costly regulatory violations and data leakage events.


  • Select The Right Implementation Partner

Apart from selecting the apt technology, it is also important to select the ideal implementation partner who can customise the software to suit your company’s needs. As a sole implementation partner for Kore in the UK, Avenir  IT ensures that your data stays secure with encryption and advanced message controls. To know more about how Avenir IT can customise a solution for your company check We will work with you to prevent enterprise data breach in your organisation.


Avenir IT is the sole implementation partner for Kore in the UK. To know more about Kore and to request a personalised demo, visit or call us at +44 (0) 208595007

Ansy Austin

Ansy Austin

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