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Why have multiple data security systems when you can have Kore, which brings your entire business communication under one platform. You can now securely share sensitive data whilst also improving work efficiency and streamlining workflows. Read on to find out how you can minimise risk of data loss, liability and damage to reputation.

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Two-thirds (66%) of employees say they use personal smartphones for work (according to research firm Ovum). It is no surprise then that large and small companies are falling victims to data breach at an alarming rate. Despite robust IT system and data protection strategies companies including Target, Experian, Zurich Insurance have had to face the brunt of data breach. This is exactly where Kore fits in; our latest solution can help you transform the way you communicate within your organisation.



Last month, Snapchat’s payroll department was targeted by an isolated email phishing scam in which a scammer impersonated the company’s CEO and asked for employee payroll information. The sensitive data that was leaked out included salary data, bank details, address and email ids. The use of Kore app would have allowed Snapchat to recall the email that was sent out avoiding loss of reputation and sensitive data. Moreover the encrypt technology would have ensured that sensitive data does not reach unauthorised recipients. With Kore, organisations have the upper hand; they can control the entire lifecycle of a message.



  • Customer data must remain within our company
  • Sensitive data must not be shared outside the company
  • Intellectual property and customer data must not leave the company



Enterprise Mobile Engineers from Avenir IT excel in customising the communication platform to help companies gain a competitive edge and to save millions of pounds.


Kore -- HRMS avenir screenshot


  • Secure Communication

Challenge:  As an HR administrator you need to send sensitive employee information like payroll data, employment verifications & medical details. Your company can be held liable for non-compliance if this information reaches unauthorised recipients.

Our Solution: Kore enables administrators to protect private information like bank account numbers and medical details by applying expiration, access and share controls to limit accessibility.


  • Single Interphase for on-boardingKore onboarding image

Challenge: Employees are required to fill out various forms at the time of on boarding which leads to frustration and delay in projects.

Our Solution: Avenir uses Kore to streamline the on boarding process by enabling a single complaint interface. This platform allows new employees to easily communicate with the management, store and maintain information whilst using virtual assistants to complete the tasks.


  • Streamline workflows

Challenge: Accounts payable can become disorganised when workflows include multiple documents, accounting systems, communication methods and people.

Our Solution: Kore streamlines accounts payable workflows by providing a single, compliant interface in which accountants and controllers can securely communicate with internal customers, store and maintain invoices and use virtual assistants to complete tasks in accounting systems


  • Easy management of employees: one platform

Challenge: Multiple platforms used for communication and execution of tasks. This makes activities carried out by HR to be tedious and time consuming.

Our Solution: We customise Kore so that you can approve and execute tasks in just one click. You will literally manage your entire workforce through a message.


Kore Enterprise Control


  • Being Compliant

Challenge: Organisations have to adhere to a number of regulations and be compliant.

Our Solution: Maintains a secure, compliant and searchable record of reports and conversations.


  • Data Breach

Challenge: Organisations run the risk of leaking sensitive employee information or even project road maps. HR managers often cannot control the way employees communicate and share vital information.

Our Solution: Kore technology is encrypt and secure. HR managers can control the entire lifecycle of a message and even call back messages.


  • Audit Ready

Challenge: If employee details are not stored and tracked accurately organisations can face serious consequences during an audit.

Our Solution: Avenir implements Kore such that it integrates all existing platforms and lets you maintain all communication and details shared in an efficient manner.


This ultra-modern enterprise platform can help you run your entire organisation through a message. As data is likely one of your organization’s most valuable assets, protecting it and keeping it out of the public domain is of paramount importance. Data maybe stolen intentionally or unintentionally, the golden rule is prevention of such an attack though proactive measures.


Avenir IT is the sole implementation partner for Kore in the UK. To know more about Kore and to request a personalised demo, visit or call us at +44 (0) 208595007


Ansy Austin

Ansy Austin

Marketing Manager at Avenir Business Solutions
As a keen Digital Marketer, Ansy plays a key role in strategising and implementing marketing activities for Avenir Business Solutions, an IT company headquartered in the UK with a global presence in India and Middle East. Avenir excels in building and customising intelligent NLP enabled bots. With her deep understanding of business trends and the need for marrying technological advancements with business processses, Ansy enables enterpises to use bots to their competitive advantage as we head on to a fully automated age. She has completed her MBA from University of Bath and also comes with a background of rich experience working for 7 years with an international news media company.

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