Benefits of RIM and how to choose the right partner

The last two decades has seen enterprises rely heavily on on-site monitoring and maintenance of IT infrastructure, however recent times have seen changes showing a new segment that concentrates on the remote management of Infrastructure services. Here we analyse the benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management and the things you need to consider before choosing the right partner for your company.

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is an alternative to existing self-sourced models of Infrastructure Management services. RIM services consist of remote (outside the physical premises of a company’s facilities) monitoring and managing the infrastructure components and taking proactive steps and effective actions across the IT landscape. These IT infrastructure components can include workstations (desktop PCs, laptops, notebooks), communications and networking hardware and software, as well as running applications. The remote monitoring and management could be undertaken through a combination of offshore, near-shore and global delivery centre which is often termed as an Operations Management Centre (OMC), where skilled staff of a service provider monitor and manage the infrastructure, ensuring up-times and availability.


Reduction in overall infrastructure costsrim2

 The biggest benefit that companies will have by adapting RIM is the overall cost cutting opportunities they will come across. These include reduced power bills, improved employee/customer satisfaction as your infrastructure will likely be running/attended to 24×7, increase in available office space, and of course reduction in wage payment as you will not need to constantly keep IT professionals to monitor and maintain your infrastructure.


Fast and Effective Responses

Businesses today require IT Infrastructure availability 24×7. RIM partners can attend to issues like server configuration errors and hardware breakdown faster and provide more effective solutions due to their expertise. This will significantly reduce the downtime of your infrastructure.


Greater level of Security

 A RIM service provider is likely to have better overall software and network security setup. Furthermore, monitoring your infrastructure with the help of an RDP connection over a VPN is an effective safeguard which will help you to constantly keep a track of your infrastructure status.

The down side to this arrangement is that companies lose the control factor which they have while maintaining their infrastructure on-site. This means that the company’s management has to accept that someone else has full access to their storage & data.



How to decide the best choice for your company?

 Although the primary goal for companies will always be to find a partner that provides the lowest cost solution, quality and experience should never be over looked. Look for companies with full-time teams that can complete these services from across the globe and have a reputation and expertise in managing daily IT operations like server monitoring, network devices and workstations. This will likely result in reduced risks and allow you to focus on core business processes while reaping the benefits of RIM.


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