Should you hire an IT Partner or Individual IT Consultant?

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Have you wondered what is best for your enterprise – Hiring an IT Consultant or Partnering with a Service Provider? Here are some interesting insights on both. The capacity to EMPOWER your enterprise is in your hands, read on to know what would be the right fit for your company…


Hiring an IT consultant for a mission-critical task or project that drives core business sometimes is more cost and time-efficient than hiring a full-time employee that you can train, work with and guide. These specialized IT pros are normally brought in to work on critical, deadline-driven tasks, making it imperative that you find the right IT consultant for the job. However, it is a tricky-and potentially risky endeavor, but there are steps you can take to ensure the job gets done while minimizing the legal risks to your company.

Risk of hiring an Individual IT consultant is multi fold as compared to  hiring a Service Provider Partner who understands your business and the domain you are in. Partners offer a lot of flexibility.

You have less control over your workers

Independent contractors enjoy a certain autonomy, which allows them to decide how best to do the task for which you hired them. If you interfere too much in an IC’s work, you risk making the IC leave the project halfway through critical delivery. If you want to exercise significant control over what ICs are doing and how they’re doing it, let the partners handling them shoulder this responsibility. They not only have the expertise but also have better control over the situation.

Your workers will come and go

Many employers use ICs only as needed for relatively short-term projects. This means that workers are constantly coming and going, which can be inconvenient and disruptive. And the quality of work you get from various ICs may be uneven. Employers who want to rely on the same workers day after day are better off hiring a Partner who they can rely on.  Consistent knowledge and flexibility of sizing the team up and down is an added advantage of partnering with a Service Provider.

 Advantages with IT Partners:

  1. Partner can Empower your enterprise with their domain expertise, regular training and consistent development patterns.
  2. Provide continuous knowledge and support to improve services and add features to existing products.
  3. Risk-sharing: They will take ownership of delivery and monitor progress continuously.
  4. They sail with you to make your business goal a success



Suresh Kumar

CEO at Avenir IT
Suresh Kumar is the CEO of Avenir IT. Under his leadership, the organization has achieved impressive targets and revenues over the past decade. His industry experience of over 15 years in software Sales and Marketing has taken the Avenir brand to nearly a decade of success.

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